“Two scenarios” about the dollar rate in Ukraine

The dollar in Ukraine in 2020, if the scenario is positive can be strengthened at the level of 25-27 UAH/$, and for negative values collapse to 31-33 UAH/$.

«Два сценария» насчет курса доллара в Украине

What factors will determine the value of the U.S. currency, said economist Igor garbaruk.

According to him, the situation of course actually “has nothing to do with economic processes.”

“The Ukrainian currency has broken the world record and became the first world currency to strengthen. These factors do not relate to the economic plane, and management… the Ministry of Finance with the assistance of the national Bank engaged in the sale of bonds of internal state loan. Naprodavali so many of them, which led to the country of speculative capital, which was given the opportunity to turn around and work under very favorable interest rates,” – said Kuznetsov.

According to the economist, the result of such actions the government has created a financial pyramid, “and outs of the financial pyramid could be completely different.”

“If in Ukraine in the nearest future money will come from the International monetary Fund at 5.5 billion dollars, as it was from the government stated, this is a relatively mild scenario out of this situation. If not enter, all these optimistic scenarios where 24,7-27 UAH/$, can be quite biased, because then the dollar could be worth 31-33 UAH/$”, – he said.

“I very much hope that by spring will be no shocks. And what will happen in the fall – we’ll see,” concluded Kuznetsov.