Two sisters' credit records mixed up

The credit records of two sisters mixed together


Two sisters from Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean discovered during the Labor Day holiday that their credit reports had been mixed up with each other. < /p>

It all started when Sankia Gagnon-Beaumont wanted to check if her credit file was up to date. She therefore went to the Desjardins site, where she discovered that her file had become considerably heavier.

“I had lots of files in my name. Two mortgages, a car loan for a snowmobile, a home equity line of credit. I had it for about $200,000,” exclaimed Ms. Gagnon-Beaumont, recounting her setbacks to TVA Nouvelles.

“It was panic, really panic! On a Saturday, how do you reach people?” she continued.

Ms. Gagnon-Beaumont shared her discovery with her family. His sister recognized the numbers in his file, which includes personal information.

“She looks at the monthly payments and recognizes her file! We understood that it was as if her adult credit report had been mixed up with mine!” explained Sankia Gagnon-Beaumont.

“She is a very good payer, so I am not penalized, continued the Desjardins client with a smile. But it's still her personal data, so her privacy has been infringed.”

According to the Commission d'accès à l'information, the confusion may be due to the fact that the two sisters do business with the same branch of Desjardins and that their social insurance number looks alike. For several days, they have been trying to have the corrections made by Transunion.

Even if the misadventure did not have disastrous consequences, Sankia Gagnon-Beuamont admitted that her confidence in her financial institution is shaken.

“Desjardins had big problems with their data leak, launched the client. Today, to see that they are doing business with a partner who has erroneous records, it affects my bond of trust.”