Two students were killed during the riots in the East of Indonesia (PHOTO)

Two students were killed during the riots that occurred Thursday in the city of Kendari in the East of Indonesia. On Friday news Agency Antara.

“19-year-old student who was seriously injured during the protests, died after the operation”, – said the employee of the local hospital. He noted that in a medical facility continue to be treated 15 victims of the riots.

Students clashes with police began on 24 September in Jakarta, then spread to other regions of Indonesia. The reason for the mass demonstrations were amendments to the criminal code, which, according to human rights organizations close to the code of Sharia. It was reported that the protesters pelted police with stones, bottles with incendiary mixture, and the police used tear gas.

26 September it was reported about the death of a student who received a gunshot wound during clashes between protesting students and police in front of Parliament in South-East Sulawesi. Association of Muhammadiyah students (IMM) asked the National police to conduct a thorough and transparent investigation of the incident. The General Chairman of the Central Executive Board of the IMM Naji Prastio said that the death of a student was the result of the repressive actions of the police.

Indonesia’s President Joko Widodo has instructed the head of the national police Tito Karnavian to investigate the circumstances surrounding the death of a student, reports the newspaper Jakarta Post.

“I told Tito to investigate and check the police. I was told that the police do not receive the order on the use of weapons during protests,” – said the head of state. He also urged law enforcement officials not to use force against protesters who “exercise their right to freedom of expression protected by the Constitution.”