Two Ukrainian operator have agreed on joint use of networks

Два украинских оператора договорились о совместном использовании сетей

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Two operators will share infrastructure

This will avoid duplication in the construction of networks and will accelerate the deployment of 4G in rural areas and on highways.

Ukrainian mobile operators Kyivstar and Vodafone Ukraine signed a Memorandum of understanding on sharing passive and active infrastructure of the mobile networks — use as channels of communication, and base stations and other equipment.

The press service of Kyivstar said that the result should be the acceleration of the development of the coverage territory of Ukraine for the LTE, while maintaining the planned volumes of investment.

“Our company once again took the initiative, aimed at improving the competitive environment for the whole Telecom market. Partnership and co-operation when using the mobile networks will enable mobile operators to accelerate the elimination of the digital divide between cities and villages, and to fulfil their investment plans, despite the decline in market income. We offered to join the Memorandum of all mobile operators of Ukraine, and are pleased that Vodafone Ukraine supported this idea. The Memorandum is open for all players who want to develop new mobile technologies on mutually beneficial terms,” — said the President of Kyivstar Alexander Komarov.

It is noted that the cooperation will allow operators to avoid duplication in the construction of networks that will accelerate the provision of access 4G / LTE services to subscribers in sparsely populated areas.

CEO of Vodafone Ukraine Olga Ustinova noted that constructive cooperation of operators is evidence of a civilized approach to the development of the network.

“Referring to this instrument as sharing networks, we rely on the best practices of our European colleagues in the development of networks of high-speed Internet, for example, as do Vodafone and Telecom Italia Group for the development of 4G and 5G in Italy,” she said.

According to Ustinova, network sharing will allow to make investments more efficient and speed up the emergence of high-speed Internet in the smaller villages with population less than two thousand inhabitants.

We will remind, in June in Ukraine 4G covered more than half of the settlements.