Two Ukrainian startup has ranked among the best employers USA: the story of their creation

In the annual ranking of the best startups to work for US were two of a startup among the founders of whom are Ukrainians. It Networks and Allset with headquarters in the United States. Edition he told me why one of them is only half-Ukrainian, and explained how appeared and developed second.

Два украинских стартапа вошли в рейтинг лучших работодателей США: история их создания

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What is the ranking

“The best startups-U.S. employers” is an annual ranking of Forbes and company Statista. He had selected the company employs at least 50 people, founded in the period between 2010 and 2017. All these companies were created from scratch. All investigated 2.5 thousand American companies.

Assessed the reputation of the employer, the employee satisfaction, attendance, web sites, startups and the number of employees over a two-year period.

The final list included 500 employers.

How did Allset and what he does

Ukrainian startup Allset located on 263 place in the category “Hospitality”. The founders — Stas Matvienko and Anna Polishchuk. The headquarters is located in Los Angeles (CA).

Allset is an app that helps Americans to book a table, make an order and pay via phone.

The project started with mobile payments, but in the process the idea changed. Now this service through a system of pre-orders to people reduces the waiting time in restaurants.

According to Stas Matviyenko, for a quick lunch in the USA is really a problem.

“You can’t just go and sit at a free table, it can be booked. You have to wait at the counter, then order, then wait for the order,” says co-founder. According to estimates of the startup team, in total this process takes US from one hour to two. Allset allows to reduce the time to half an hour.

Now the startup has partnered with more than 2.5 million restaurants in the U.S. in 11 cities. Only through Allset processed over one million orders.

At the beginning of 2019 Allset and Google become partners. The majority of Americans are looking for restaurants nearby with the help of Google Maps. Now, if they choose the institution you are working with Allset, you’ll see the button “Find a table”. Clicking on it, you can book a place through Allset. In 2016 and 2017 startup raised $8.5 million investment.

Who are the Networks and you can call the Ukrainian startup

On the 35th place in the category “Technology” is Networks. One of its founders — the Ukrainian Dmitriy Zaporozhets, the second Dutchman Led of sibrand, because the debate about whether to call a Ukrainian startup, is still underway.

Networks is a platform for software developers. It allows you to store code on one cloud service, so that a group of programmers together to work on it.

The first version in 2011, was created by Dmitry Zaporozhets. He then worked as a programmer at a consulting firm in Ukraine and wanted to make a platform so that employees can exchange codes. The best options for such a platform, company management considered too expensive, so Dmitry did everything myself.

News about free tool with open source code quickly spread through a post on Hacker News. This is the website of the business startup incubator Y-Combinator. Other developers, including Sid Sibrand, Dutch businessman, started to Supplement it.

In 2012, of sibrand told the Cossacks that he was going to open a company and use Networks.

A year later, Dmitry Zaporozhets quit his job and joined Sebrango on a regular basis. They officially start in 2014, and in 2015 they were accepted into Y-Combinator. Currently, the company has Networks headquarters in San Francisco and representative offices in 47 countries.

In September 2018 – Networks became “unicorn.” Its market capitalization exceeded $1 billion, Then the startup has attracted $100 million investment. In October 2019 – the company raised another $268 million, the capitalization reached $2.7 billion.



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