Two Ukrainian women was in the top 10 players in the world

Две украинки попали в топ-10 футболисток мира

Olga Ovdiychuk and Daria Opanasenko

Last month, the Creator of a specialized website for women’s soccer Futebol Feminino Alternativo Victor Hugo started the fans voting to determine the 50 best active players in the world, who over the last 5 years playing in the national team of his country.

According to voting results from two Ukrainian sportswomen, namely midfielder Madrid “Atletico” Olga Ovdiychuk and captain of the Ukrainian team and the player Kharkov “Zhilstroy-1” Daria Opanasenko, was in the top 10 according to the portal, reports

However, Ovdiychuk took seventh place in the ranking with 348 votes, and Apanasenko lost to compatriot one position with 337 votes.

He won the vote, Barbara Banda from Zambia, who received 2053 votes.

Top 10 results of the vote.

  1. Barbara Banda (Zambia)
  2. Jill Roord (Netherlands)
  3. Andress Alves (Brazil)
  4. Beatrice Zanirato (Brazil)
  5. Zena Coleman (Namibia)
  6. Ramires (Brazil)
  9. Dejan Castellanos (Venezuela)
  10. Manuela Giugliano (Italy)