Two victims were injured in the attack in North York (PHOTO)

Двое потерпевших получили ранения в ходе нападения в Норт-Йорке  (ФОТО)

Toronto police reported that on Thursday morning, two victims were injured after the suspects opened fire during a “custom” attack on one of the commercial enterprises in North York.

Constable Alex Lee said that at 10: 24, the police received a report of a shooting inside of a warehouse building owned by a transport company in the area of Alness Street and Magnetic Drive, South of Steeles Avenue West.

Chief mark Saunders said that the building was discovered by a woman who received a gunshot wound.

She was urgently taken to trauma center with serious injuries.

Saunders said the second victim, also received a gunshot wound, found its way to York hospital.

As soon as the extent of his injuries was established, he was rushed by ambulance to the trauma center in Toronto.

Saunders reported that a third man at the scene, apparently, suffered a severe shock after witnessing the shooting.

He said two suspects entered the building and began to shoot.

“Demands were made and shot the victims”, – he said, further calling the incident a “contract”.

It seems that the suspects left the area on foot, but investigators have not yet detailed descriptions.

Saunders said that the attack appears to have been ordered and should be “solved” because police were able to quickly get to the scene. He urged everyone who witnessed the incident, including those who came and went from the nearby Home Depot, immediately call the police.