Two-year-old child killed on beach after plane overruns runway

Two-year-old child killed on beach after skipping runway a plane


A two-year-old child died on Sunday after being hit by a small plane that overran the Simon Bolivar International Airport in Santa Marta, a city on the Caribbean coast of Colombia , authorities said. 

The aircraft, an SF50 Cirrus operated by the private company Panamerican Training Center, crashed at midday during the take-off phase, explained the investigators in a tweet.

The plane ended its race against a tree a few meters from the runway and near the beach where the little boy was.

“Unfortunately we have to report that a child of around two years old who was not on the plane lost his life,” he told media Colonel Adriana Paz, the commander of the local police.

The five occupants of this aircraft which was on a flight to the Colombian capital Bogota “were slightly injured” and received medical treatment, according to the official report.