Tymoshenko said that the country may get a huge budget losses

The leader of the party “Batkivshchyna” Yulia Tymoshenko stated that Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky and his team did not cope with their tasks, so the country can get huge budget losses.

Тимошенко заявила, что страна может получить огромные потери бюджета

As reports the Apostrophe, about this Tymoshenko said at a meeting of the conciliatory Council of leaders of parliamentary factions and groups in the Verkhovna Rada.

“The results of budget execution and expenditure for January-February, saying that in nine months the government of Vladimir Zelensky, its government and its majority in Parliament in the country has come a complete collapse”, — said the leader of the party.

According to her, two months in particular, the budget is not made of 22.5%, a shortfall of 27.5 billion UAH, which means that the underfunding of health, education, welfare benefits and pensions.

Tymoshenko also emphasized that the critical figures of the state budget indicate that the current government is in the grave with Zelensky “can’t handle running the country. In fact, the budget accelerated flying into the abyss, and it is the result of chaos and disorder in the country. One or two months of such “execution” of the budget and consider the economy and the budget does not exist.”

In her opinion, the situation in the economy, particularly at customs, which recorded 15.5 billion UAH in revenues is a consequence of incorrectly chosen course of the country, as well as evidence of corruption. Tymoshenko stressed that this is why as quickly as possible you need to change the directions of development of the state in order to avoid irreparable consequences.

“The course of the country needs urgent changes. If you have started to talk about changing the government, that is, the change in the rate at which lead the country? No! Because the course is determined by the President of Ukraine and he gives the task to the government. Therefore any permutation of the names of chairs and tables in the Executive office does not help anything, if the President would leave the rate on land sales, strategic ownership, the destruction of Russian science and the middle class. Therefore, it is necessary to urgently change course and save the future of the country”, — said the leader of “Fatherland”.