Typhoon and heavy rains that struck Japan in October, killing about a hundred people (PHOTO)

Defense Minister of Japan, Taro Kono, who until recently was head of the foreign Ministry, apologized for the inappropriate joke about the cause of the typhoons that have hit Japan in recent months. His words leads TASS.

Last weekend during the event to raise funds for their own political activities in Kono joked that may be the cause of typhoons that struck Japan in recent months. “Where I come from, I was often called “the rain man” – where I was born, it rained the whole time. From the moment I became Minister of defense, came to Japan three Typhoon”, – he joked. Now Kono stated that he would like to apologize to those who have these words caused discomfort.

According to recent reports, the death toll of Typhoon “Hagibis” that hit the East Japan on 12 October, has reached 88 people, 7 people missing. And on 25 October on the affected areas of Honshu island was hit by torrential rains that led to floods and landslides. Their victims in the prefectures of Chiba and Fukushima were 10 residents, three are missing, according to NHK.

The government of Japan has decided to declare part of the affected areas “zones of emergency disaster” that gave the Cabinet the opportunity to significantly increase spending from the state budget for restoration work. Means, in particular, will go to the restoration of roads and sanitation systems, strengthening of river banks and renovation of municipal school facilities, reclamation of agricultural land. This decision was taken for the first time since 2011 when the northeast coast of Japan suffered from the tsunami.

According to recent reports, the damage to agriculture of Japan by typhoons in September and October exceeded 170 billion yen (almost us $ 1.6 billion). In particular, the Typhoon “Hagibis” hit 38 out of 47 prefectures. 8.5 thousand agricultural facilities damaged irrigation system irrigation agriculture. Affected crops on a total area of 14 thousand hectares. Significant damage to fishing ports, coastal factories for the processing of seafood. In 20 prefectures fixed the damage from the landslides, more than 70 rivers marked the destruction of the embankments and protective structures. More than 3.4 thousand apartments and private homes are still disconnected from the water pipes.

“Hagibis” is the 19th Typhoon of this season that hit Japan. The national meteorological Agency of the country compared to “Hagibis” with the Typhoon “IDA”, who in 1958 hit Japan and claimed the lives of 1,200 people.