Tyson fury went into wrestling: video of the fiery duel of views

Тайсон Фьюри подался в рестлинг: видео огненной дуэли взглядов

Scandalous British boxer Tyson fury (29 wins, 20 of them by knockout, 1 draw), received a terrible cut in his last fight for the championship belt WBC Maya vs Swede Otto Vallina, decided to try his hand at another sport.

Tyson visited the evening of wrestling in the United States, where we had a skirmish with a legend of the sport an American Bron Stromann.

The British decided not to stop, and accepted the offer to hold a complete exhibition fight, as was reported at the press conference in Las Vegas.

We add that the match will be part of the wrestling show WWE 31st October in Saudi Arabia.


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