Tyson has offered $ 20 million for participation in the battle of bare fists

Тайсону предложили 20 млн долларов за участие в бою на голых кулаках

UFC President Dana white and Mike Tyson

The President of promotion fisticuffs (BKFC) David Feldman made specific offer to the former absolute world champion in hevewae Mike Tyson with a view to bringing it into the organization.

“Despite the fact that we made a guaranteed offer in the amount of $ 20 million. for Mike for a duel in BKFC, we are open to many different options of how we can work together. The interest aroused video workout tank top, as well as its desire to participate in charity matches prompted us to make such a proposal”, – quotes the head of BKFC MMAfighting.com.

While Feldman said that he did Tyson offer with a choice of opponent from the list of those who are currently listed in the organization.

Previously 53-year-old Tyson has announced that it is preparing to carry out some fights for charitable purposes.

Later, the American boxer, who retired in 2005, posted in “Instagram” video of your training.