U.S. attorney General serves as prosecutors across the country to investigate cases of Russia and Ukraine

U.S. attorney General William Barr has attracted a large number of Federal prosecutors across the country to perform investigations of Russian interference in presidential elections in 2016 and to consider the arisen charges associated with Ukraine. This writes Fox News.

Генпрокурор США привлекает прокуроров по всей стране для расследования дел по России и Украине

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Barr has appointed Jeff Jensen, a lawyer from Missouri, for consideration of the case of former national security adviser Michael Flynn. The Department of justice said that Jensen will work hand in hand with Brandon van Grek, lead Prosecutor in the case.

The fact Flynn has experienced the vicissitudes of years, and sentencing has been repeatedly postponed over the past two years. Supporters of Flynn insisted that he was innocent, but was forced to plead guilty when his son was threatened with prosecution and it has exhausted its financial resources.

Flynn pleaded guilty that gave false statements to the FBI about his links with the former Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak in the investigation of the former special adviser to Robert Muller in Russia.

But Barra with Jensen occurred after Flynn and his lawyer Sidney Powell withdrew the plea, citing the “bad faith of the government, vindictiveness and a violation of the agreement on admission of guilt”.

A motion to withdraw his plea came a few days after the justice Department changed his mind and wanted to appoint him to six months in prison, arguing that he is not fully cooperated or did not take responsibility for their actions. Later, the Department of justice reversed its decision.

The announcement of the appointment of Jensen was done at the end of a dramatic week in the Department of justice related to the other partner trump, Roger stone.

Federal prosecutors recommended that sentenced stone to a term of imprisonment of 87 to 108 months after he was convicted on seven counts of obstructing, inciting witnesses and giving false testimony to Congress on charges that also stem from the investigations of Muller.

The Department of justice overturned the sentence for stone, which immediately led to the fact that the Democrats have accused trump of meddling in the process.

Barr, however, called for the Agency’s independence, and urged trump to stop writing posts about this topic, saying that he makes “impossible” his work.

“I think it’s time to stop tweets on criminal cases of the Department of justice, said Barr. I’m not going to be bullied or influenced by anyone … be it the Congress, the editorial Board or the President.”

He added: “I will do what you think is right”.

Barr said he can “assure the courts, the Prosecutor’s office and the Department in that we are honestly doing our job.”

However, the attempt Barra to interfere in the verdict of the stone has led to the indictment, the group ceased the business. The assistant U.S. attorney in Washington (the Other Columbia) Jonathan Kravis, resigned. Another Prosecutor, Aaron Zelinsky, also filed notice that he will leave his post of special Prosecutor in the U.S. attorney’s office in Washington, although he will remain an assistant US attorney in Baltimore.

Then attorney Adam jed also refused to participate in the case. Michael Marando later announced that it also will not work on this case.

After the intervention of Barra in the case of the stone and its purpose to the proceedings Flynn, more than 1,100 employees of the Department of justice signed an online petition calling for him to resign from the post of Prosecutor General.

Meanwhile, Barr has attracted several other Federal prosecutors to consider cases of the Department of justice.

Barr confirmed that the Agency considers information about Ukraine entering the Department from the personal lawyer of President Rudy Giuliani.

This followed after the President was acquitted on charges of the abuse of power and obstruction of Congress stemming from differences in the case of Ukraine.

Giuliani for several months focused on the circumstances of the last position, hunter Biden on the Board of Directors of Ukrainian gas company Burisma Holdings and the role of his father Joe Biden. Impeachment trump was focused mostly on his efforts to put pressure on Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky to investigate this issue.

Barr was appointed U.S. attorney from Connecticut, John Durham, to review the events leading up to the presidential elections in 2016 and the inauguration of the trump in January 2017. But Durham has since expanded its investigation to cover the period after the elections, covering the spring of 2017, when Mueller was appointed special counsel.

Durham spoke with representatives of the CIA and other officials throughout the intelligence community. Former CIA Director John Brennan said that Durham is planning to interview him, and the former Director of national intelligence James Clapper.

As previously wrote ForumDaily:

  • Retired General Flynn was forced to resign as adviser to trump, after it became clear that he introduced Vice-President Mike Pence in error about their contacts with Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak.
  • Former national security adviser of US President Donald trump and informed the member of his election team to Lieutenant General U.S. army, retired Michael Flynn charged with making false statements to the FBI.
  • Flynn expressed his willingness to cooperate with investigators of the Congress that deal with the question of contacts between the members of the electoral headquarters of the trump and Russia, provided that he was given immunity.
  • The Turkish government offered $ 15 million to Michael Flynn for assistance in the extradition of Islamic preacher Fethullah Gulen from US to Turkey.
  • Attorneys Michael Flynn said the legal team of the President of the United States that they will not be able to discuss with them the progress of the investigation, which is special Prosecutor Robert Mueller.


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