U.S. authorities are offering freelancers $1000 of financial aid: how to get money

If you’re a freelancer or independent contractor, you may be entitled to funds granted by the government of the United States, says Money Talks News.

Власти США предлагают фрилансерам $1000 финпомощи: как получить деньги

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When push comes to shove, freelancers and independent contractors typically left with nothing: the right to unemployment insurance usually have traditional full-time employees.

However, during a pandemic coronavirus, everything is different. Not only that, these workers can apply for unemployment benefits, but also the US government offers additional financial assistance in the amount of $1000.

As CNBC reports, the program of the loan in the event of economic shocks, known as “advance”, allows freelancers and independent contractors, as well as individual entrepreneurs apply for a grant in the amount of $1000.

If you approve to receive this financial aid, return it is not necessary.

The grant is part of efforts to assist small business owners. Created by Congress within the Law CARES program loans in the case of economic shocks allows small business owners to apply for loans of up to $150 000.

Columnist for CNBC talked with a man who introduced himself as “Ali”, a freelance writer from new York. Here’s what transpired:

“When cousin Ali told him about the grant, he was skeptical. Nevertheless, he filled out the application a few minutes — and a few days later I saw $1000 in your Bank account”.

To be able to get a grant, you must file a special application. But you are not obligated to do so.

When you get approved for a loan — whether you decide to accept it or not — the grant will shortly appear in your Bank account.

In a Forbes report that in order to be eligible for a grant, you had to be in business as of January 31, 2020. Although grants are available up to 16 December, Forbes predict that the Federal small business administration “will quickly run out of money, so you should apply as soon as possible”.

In Forbes they say that filling out the application should take about 15 minutes. More information about these grants can be found on the website of the small business administration. You can also find the application form on the website.




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