U.S. customs officers found in a mail truck Bank with the human brain

U.S. customs officers found an unusual discovery, when carried out spot checks canadian postal truck. In the car found a jar with a human brain, the BBC reports.

Американские таможенники нашли в почтовом грузовике банку с человеческим мозгом

Photo: Depositphotos

The Bank discovered when the truck was on the bridge Blue Water Bridge connecting the Michigan and the canadian province Sarnia, said Customs and border protection U.S. (U.S. Customs and Border Protection, CBP).

The Bank was inside the package with the words “ancient learning sample”.

Mail made from Toronto, and followed it to the city of Kenosha, Wisconsin.

“Opening the parcel, CBP officers found a package with a model of the human brain, which was in a transparent glass jar without any documents confirming legitimate importation in the USA”, — stated in the message Department.

Photo unusual findings are published in the official Twitter of the Agency.

According to the CBP representative Michael Fox, in the US there are strict rules for issuing permits for import of goods “like this”.

This is not the first strange finding discovered by the border guards of the United States.

In 2014, the border inspectors from the International airport of Los Angeles seized 67 live giant African snails on the way from Nigeria to California.

These massive mollusks is prohibited in the United States, then burned, because they can carry harmful parasites.

In 2006, seized 8 tons of prehistoric fossils, namely the dinosaur eggs that were transported smuggled from Argentina.




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