U.S. will tighten rules for issuing visas to pregnant foreign women: what will change

The administration of the President of the United States, Donald trump intends to introduce a rule aimed against the right of citizenship by birth in the United States. This writes the Axios, citing its sources.

США ужесточат правила выдачи виз беременным иностранкам: что изменится

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The new rule will be one of the first tangible steps to verify the legal authority of the administration to discourage foreigners to benefit from the protection of citizenship for any person born in the United States in accordance with the 14th Amendment.

“This change is aimed at addressing the risks to national security and law enforcement related to “maternity” tourism activities, including criminal activities,” — said the representative of the state Department publication.

According to another senior administration official, regulation is also part of a broader administration effort to intensify the verification process of visas.

The official count of babies born to aliens in the United States, does not exist, while restrictive immigration group “Center for immigration studies” with close ties to immigration administration officials trump, estimates their number is about 33,000 every year.

How will the new regulations? It will change the requirements for visa B, giving officials of the State Department the authority to deny to aliens in the short-term business and tourist visas, if in their opinion, this process is used to automatically obtain citizenship.

According to a senior official, the consular officers who issue passports and visas, “it is great to understand and correct the false statements.”

“The main practical problem is that very few people who give birth in the United States, got a visa for that specific purpose,” says Jeffrey Gorski, a former General counsel at the visa section of the Department of State.

This is just one step in the administration’s plans to ensure that people from other countries was difficult to obtain citizenship by right of birth.

“Rome was not built in a day, said a senior official. Only legal recognition that this is wrong, and unacceptable, is a significant step forward.”

Plans to consider the use of B visas for “maternity tourism” has been included in the latest version of a Single program of Federal regulations and regulatory measures.

“Officials of the state Department has every right to deny people visas, said Sarah pierce from the migration policy Institute. — Foreign nationals who are outside USA and have not yet received a visa, “not legally”.