Uber driver in Atlanta I graduated from College after the passenger has paid her debt for tuition

The Uber driver from Atlanta told the Bismarck Tribune that he’s a step closer to achieving my dream of becoming a lawyer thanks to the random passenger who has repaid her debt in College.

Водитель Uber из Атланты закончила колледж после того, как пассажир погасил ее долг за обучение

Photo: scenes video YouTube/Sister Circle TV

Latoniya young who by day works as a hairdresser and by night driver — Uber, once picked up passengers near the stadium Mercedes-Benz in Atlanta, and they began to talk. 43-year-old single mother told the passenger that at the age of 16 she had to leave school to raise her first child. And recently she had to leave College because of a debt of $ 700, which she could not repay.

“Every time I was going to pay the money, my kids needed something,” said Yang.

A few days after this visit, young got a call from the state University of Georgia, stating that she is eligible to register for classes. It turned out that her debt was paid the same passenger, Kevin ash. Eventually she received a degree in criminal justice.

“A stranger has never done anything like this for me,” young said. She made every effort to get the maximum score before the end of the training, “to let him know that I appreciate his actions”.

They kept in touch, and ash called for her graduation in December. According to him, the example of the young, inspiring, and happy he had the opportunity to help her.

Andrea Ann Jones, press Secretary of Georgia state University, told CNN: “Kevin ash deserves a round of applause for what has provided funds to enable the student Latonia young to get higher education, but his gift is much more than that. He has changed lives and opened the door to a bright future for the students, which, like many others, which we see in Georgia, just need a chance to achieve their goals and succeed.”

In January the young will return to school to get another degree — bachelor — and move to his dream of becoming a lawyer.