UEFA banned matches between the teams from Russia and Kosovo

УЕФА запретил матчи между командами из России и Косово

The Union of European football associations (UEFA) has banned the holding of joint matches between teams from Russia and Kosovo. The ban was explained by security considerations. It will be in effect until “further notice.”

The decision was taken at a meeting of the extraordinary Commission of UEFA, reported on the organization’s website.

“Taking into account the security risks associated with matches between teams from Russia and Kosovo, the Group decided that these two teams will no longer fight each other in any future competitions UEFA until further notice”, – stated in the message.

As for the qualifying matches of Euro-2021 among women between the two teams already scheduled And extraordinary Committee of UEFA decided that both matches (Kosovo – Russia, originally scheduled for 4 October 2019 and postponed to an indefinite date) and Russia – Kosovo (held on 9 June 2020) will be organized by the two associations on neutral territory.

Russia, which does not recognize Kosovo’s independence from Serbia, in 2020, will be one of 12 countries which will host matches at Euro 2020. Three group matches and one quarterfinal will be held in Saint-Petersburg.

Kosovo, despite fierce resistance from Serbia, in 2016, has received full membership in UEFA and the International football Federation (FIFA). Earlier, UEFA banned matches between the teams from several other countries, in particular between Ukraine and Russia and between Spain and Gibraltar.

Kosovo, where 90 percent ethnic Albanian, declared independence from Serbia in 2008. Belgrade still considers Kosovo a province of Serbia. Kosovo’s independence is also not recognized by several members of the EU, Ukraine, Russia and China.