UEFA fined the winner of the Champions League (video)

УЕФА оштрафовал победителя Лиги чемпионов (видео)

The European football Union (UEFA) has punished the incumbent the winner of League of Champions “Liverpool” for the behavior of the fans after the European Cup match against Austrian “Salzburg” (4:3).

The reason for the fine was that the fans of the English club ran onto the field after the game to ask for t-shirts have a football team. In addition, one of the fans was stopped by stewards when trying to get in the play area.

Because this violation was admitted at the Anfield stadium for the first time this year, the fine amounted to 5 thousand euros, reports Sky Sports.

We will remind that during a match “Liverpool” led with 3:0, but the Austrians were able to make a small sports feat, equalized. And although Salzburg eventually lost (3:4), but the respect the fans deserve it for sure.

By the way, the football world was stunned by the motivational speech of the head coach of the champion of Austria, Jesse Marsh, spoken American specialist in a mixture of English, German and… abusive languages at halftime. Video emotional speech of chief coach of “Salzburg” has hit the net.

“How many times have we fouled in the first half? Two? Is that a fucking friendly match, right? This is the Champions League! Guys, comon, we need to play harder, you need to add in physics! Tougher play with van Dyck, we are too respectful with him. With the ball, without the ball. Too. Enough!

They are strong? Yes. But that doesn’t mean we have to play politely, not to touch them, just once not to take the ball away with a sliding tackle or not to fight Guys, they have to feel us! They need to understand what the hell are we came here to fight! We should not just try to match his style, we # # # # # came to play! This is the most important.

It is possible to talk a bit about tactics, but when we get back on the field, we have to have more will, more confidence! Come on, fuck, show my energy, show your desire, your struggle. We have seen that they are strong, but we can breathe life into our game.

Come on, guys, we have something to offer them! So after the match we were not ashamed,” said Jesse Marsh.


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