UEFA has decided to name Euro 2020

УЕФА принял решение по названию Евро-2020

On the eve of the UEFA Executive Committee held a video conference, where was presented information on the resumption of the domestic competitions of the highest level, reported on the official UEFA website.

In particular, they considered options in which the national Championships can not be finished due to the pandemic coronavirus, as well as method of selection in the European Cup if the Championships are not finished.

In addition, it was decided to name the championship, which was postponed for the following year.

In the end, after careful internal review, as well as several discussions with partners, the League kept the name – the Euro-2020, which would emphasize the original vision of the trend of the tournament for the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the European championship on football (1960-2020).

It was noted that this choice is consistent with the commitment of UEFA to make Euro 2020 a sustainable brand. Besides, at the time of transfer of the tournament already released a sufficient amount of advertising material, a name change of the Forum inevitably would result in excessive costs for the tournament.