UEFA has named two conditions under which national Championships may be played

УЕФА назвал два условия, при которых национальные чемпионаты могут быть не доиграны

The UEFA Executive Committee today held a video conference, where, in particular, considered the options for which national Championships may not be finished due to the pandemic coronavirus, reported on the official website of the organization.

It is noted that the League and the national Association should make every effort to finish the tournament. If necessary, they can change the format of the competition.

However, under certain circumstances they have the right to interrupt the tournament:

  1. Such right may be exercised if there is an indication of the public authorities prohibiting the holding of sporting events.
  2. You can also finish the season, if there are insurmountable economic problems, which make impossible the completion of the competition, as it may jeopardize the long-term financial stability of the domestic competitions and/or clubs.

UEFA also called the method of selection in the European Cup if the Championships are not finished.

If the internal competition prematurely terminated for legitimate reasons in accordance with the above conditions, the League will require the appropriate national Association of choice of clubs for club competitions UEFA 2020/21 on the basis of sports achievements in the national competitions-2019/20:

  1. The selection procedure for clubs should be based on objective, transparent and non-discriminatory principles. Otherwise, the national associations and leagues must be able to determine the final positions in the domestic competitions subject to the specific circumstances of each competition.
  2. The final determination of areas for club competitions, UEFA must be confirmed by the relevant authorities at the national level.