UEFA has set a new deadline for the conclusion of the national Championships

УЕФА установил очередной крайний срок завершения национальных чемпионатов

UEFA and the European club Association (ECA) at the videoconference on Wednesday, deadline for the completion of the European national Championships, according to AS.

The championship should be completed before July 31, since the first of August is defined by UEFA under the restart of the European Cup this season.

While UEFA and the ECA agreed that the first weekend of August will also be used to complete those tournaments that will not be able to finish by the end of July.

If the national Championships for any reason will not be completed, the decision on the final table will take on the local football Federation. However, UEFA is recommended that all European leagues to bring the pranks to end.

In addition, UEFA said that the European Cup matches will take place in the middle of the week, and is currently being studied the possibility of the quarterfinal rounds in both tournaments – Champions League and Europa League, with one match unlike traditional dvuhraundovom confrontation.