UEFA is beginning to realize that the football this season is not possible – advising UEFA virologist

УЕФА начинает осознавать, что футбол в этом сезоне уже не возможен, - консультирующий УЕФА вирусолог

Marco Van Institute

UEFA contacted the reputable Belgian virologist Marco van Institute, for advice on the decision of the Royal Belgian football Association (the rbfa) to complete a season.

After talking with representatives of UEFA van the Institute said that the organization is close to understanding that playing football in the next few months is impossible.

“I was under the impression that UEFA is starting to understand that football is no longer possible this season. No one can accuse Belgian clubs that they decided to abandon the championship. I understand that it takes at least three to four weeks of training before resuming the matches. So this season is impossible to finish”, – quotes van Institute Het Nieuwsblad.

We will remind, the management of football in Belgium has recommended to terminate the season because of the pandemic of coronavirus in the country and to recognize the champion club of the Ukrainian Eduard Sobol – Brugge. This decision was approved at the General Assembly on April 15.

Later, however, the rbfa under pressure from UEFA decided to postpone the summit on April 24.