UEFA is considering a revolutionary version of the complete season of UEFA Champions League LE this season due to coronavirus

УЕФА рассматривает революционный вариант завершения розыгрыша ЛЧ и ЛЕ этого сезона из-за коронавируса

UEFA is considering alternative versions of the Champions League-2019/20 and Europa League 2019/20 due to the coronavirus.

One of them is the combination of the semi-finals and decisive games in the Final four following the example of the basketball Euroleague, according to AS.

This assumes that one city will take three decisive match.

The final four of the Champions League will take place in Istanbul (Turkey) and LE – in Gdansk (Poland). In these cities had originally planned to hold the finals of the European Cup.

However, the earlier stages matches will be played in the usual way, but behind closed doors.

This idea was offered by the Deputy Secretary General of UEFA, Giorgio Marchetti, says the publication.

The functionary believes that in a pandemic coronavirus such a decision would be the right one.

Meetings of the Committee, which will consider the changes that will take place on Tuesday, March 17. In the videoconference will be attended by 55 European associations.