UEFA is ready to recognize the Champions of the leagues current leaders, if tournaments will not be played

УЕФА готов признать чемпионами лиг текущих лидеров, если турниры не будут доиграны

The pandemic coronavirus suspended all top European leagues. Latest did the Bundesliga.

Ukrainian Premier League has not suspended the championship. Although, FDA has declared readiness to suspend the championship of Ukraine, e

if the situation will demand such solutions.

Today UEFA will hold a meeting which will gather all 55 members of the Union. The meeting will discuss the situation prevailing due to the coronavirus. And, in particular, will be defined clear criteria that will determine the Champions of the countries participants of the European Cup, and also teams that will leave their battalions if internal tournaments will not be played.

In that case, if the tournaments would not be renewed, UEFA is ready to recognize the Champions of the leagues those teams, which headed the standings at the end of the Championships, said “Soviet sport”, citing AS.

The same principle will be determined by the participants of the European Cup.

In this case, “Dynamo”, which currently occupies 3-e a place, will not be in the Champions League.

It is noted that due to the fact that Euro 2020 with high probability will be postponed to a later date, the national federations will have the opportunity to finish the Championships of their countries.