UEFA outraged by the decision of Belgium to finish ahead of championship

УЕФА возмущен решением Бельгии досрочно завершить чемпионат

Eduard Sobol already the champion?

On the eve of Belgium accepted, as yet unofficial decision to finish the season and not wait to finish, and the title got club of the Ukrainian Eduard Sobol – “Bruges”, which was the leader in the table.

It is reported that UEFA were extremely dissatisfied with the decision of the Belgian football Association to immediately stop the championship and expressed the hope that other football championship will not follow the example of the League Jupiler and will be played out.

“We had the idea of a simultaneous completion of all tournaments to League renewed their Championships and finished in the summer of by a sports principle”, – quotes the statement of the representative of UEFA Voetbal International.

The newspaper notes that UEFA can impose sanctions against Belgian clubs, including exclusion from participation in the competition.

It is expected that the example of Belgium may follow other leagues in the average level, while leading the League considering the large television contracts and high salaries of the players will seek to finish the season.