UEFA plans to create a summer League Champions

УЕФА планирует создать летнюю Лигу Чемпионов

In the framework of strengthening its position on the global level, the management of European football is planning to create another tournament in the style of League of Champions, informs Daily Mail.

At the same time, to strengthen its position in the struggle against FIFA over control of the international calendar, the UEFA is considering holding the tournament in summer.

The tournament will essentially be an extension of the International Champions Cup, a preseason competition of leading European clubs, which is the brainchild of American promoters from Relevent Sports and has been held since 2013.

In addition, according to football officials, this tournament will be vying for attention from fans, and, consequently, the advertisers with the club world Cup 2021 FIFA, which will be held in Shanghai in June and July of the following year in the format of 24 teams.

Several top clubs of the English Premier League has already expressed interest in participating in the Champions League, the newspaper notes.