UFC: a first victory for Yohan Lainesse

UFC: a first victory for Yohan Lainesse


Quebecer Yohan Lainesse made sure not to stumble in his second fight in the UFC. He defeated the American Darian Weeks by split decision of the judges, Saturday in Las Vegas. 

The verdict seems to have displeased a good part of the crowd gathered at the T -Mobile Arena, which expected a victory for Weeks (5-3). The judges' card (29-28, 28-29, 29-28) shows how the fight was decided on a thread. 

Lainesse (9-1), native of Quebec, was especially illustrated in the first round. He only hit the target 22 times in 75 attempts during the fight, while Weeks landed 50 strikes in 129 tries.

“It was a hotly contested fight, launched the athlete from 30 years after the fight. I proved to myself that I can fight for three rounds. It's the best feeling in the world.

“There is a new animal at welterweight.”

Lainesse was thus entitled to a much better fate than in his first outing in the UFC, where he suffered a knockout. in the second round against Gabe Green, on April 30.