“Ugly” fruits is much healthier than “beautiful”

Micro – and macroelements, vitamins and other important substances contained in the dried fruits, making them a pretty important part of the diet, but many people make serious mistakes when choosing dried fruit, than seriously reduce their favor. How to get the maximum benefit from fruit — know dietitian Elena Solomatina.

«Некрасивые» сухофрукты гораздо полезнее для здоровья, чем «красивые»

According Solomatina, it is not necessary to buy a “nice” dates, prunes or dried apricots. Bright color and “commodity” view of the evidence that the fruits were treated with special chemical substances (not healthy) to be stored longer. Sulphur dioxide, paraffin, and other not very edible substance — that’s what you eat, when you buy a “beautiful” fruits.

What should I do? It’s obvious, buy the regular, ugly-looking (but kind inside) dried. Let them look pale, but you’ll get out of them exactly what you have to, not sulfur-based compounds.

“Of course, you need to look to the dried fruit was not mold, but otherwise — if you plain figs, dried apricots or prunes, you better take them instead of “beautiful” counterparts. Made of naturally dried fruits are much healthier those that have flooded the market in recent years”, says Solomatin, noting that different dry fruits are useful for various diseases, so you need to study a question before to go to market.