UK: Liz Truss' reign shorter than the lifespan of a lettuce

UK: Liz Truss' reign shorter than the length of life of a lettuce


“Breaking news: Lettuce officially outlasted Liz Truss”. The tabloid Daily Star, featuring a salad next to a portrait of the British Prime Minister, proclaimed the victory of the plant on Thursday after the resignation of Liz Truss.

For several days, the United Kingdom wondered how long Liz Truss, unpopular as a British leader has rarely been, would still remain in power. Arrived in Downing Street 44 days ago, the curator announced her resignation on Thursday. whose jokes are not always in the best taste, assuring that lettuce had refused “for the moment to comment on his political future”.

It's been seven days since the tabloid placed a salad next to a portrait of Liz Truss and broadcast the image live to the internet.

He had played it, meeting with success all over the world. A mug appeared near the salad and the portrait, with the motto “Keep calm and carry on”, created to boost morale during World War II.

Bets had been made on social media: which one would last the longest?

At one point, the lettuce was even wearing a blonde wig, without the Daily Star< /em> doesn't care about accusations of sexism.

This comparison between Liz Truss and an iceberg lettuce was however first published in a most serious newspaper: The Economist.

The weekly published a column on “The iceberg lady” (“The iceberg lady”) while Liz Truss is a great admirer of Margaret Thatcher, “The iron lady” (“The iron lady”).

“However long Liz Truss is in office, she will be remembered as the prime minister whose hold on power was the shortest in British political history,” said The Economist in this column.

“She was in control for seven days. It is the lifespan of a lettuce”, wrote the newspaper, detailing its calculation: between its coming to power on September 6 and the announcement on the 23rd of its budgetary measures which triggered panic on the markets, if we deduct the 10 days of mourning after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, there are only seven days left.

The English, known for their sarcastic humor, had a blast on Thursday . “Name something that lasts longer than Liz Truss prime minister,” tweeted the “No Context Brits” account.