Ukraine 6-fold increase in the popular import of fruit from Poland

Imports of apples to Ukraine in August-November this year amounted to 3.7 thousand tons, which is six times more than in the same period of 2018.

Украина в 6 раз увеличила импорт популярного фрукта из Польши

About it writes analytical platform East-fruit.

“In General, in the first four months of the season (August-November — ed.) Apple import to Ukraine has already reached 3.7 million tons, or six times more than in the same period of the previous season,” — the newspaper notes.

Even in November, in the midst of harvesting a new crop of these fruits, Ukraine imported more than 1.3 thousand tons of apples, that is by 72% more compared to October of the current year and 10.5 times more than in November last year.

The export of domestic apples in August-November 2019 was reduced by 47% compared to the same period of 2018 to 8.7 thousand tons.

Importers from the Middle East, which bought Ukrainian apples last year, this season, complained that their requests by many growers and exporters somehow ignored.

Ukraine goes in this respect, neighbouring Poland, where prices on Apple even lower.

It is noted that to date, selling prices of gardeners on popular varieties of apples in Poland is almost twice lower than in Ukraine. With such a difference in price of Ukrainian supermarkets and traders more profitable to buy Apple in Poland than to ask for Ukrainian producers to sell fruits, as Polish Apple already Packed and sorted.

“It helps import and degrades the attractiveness of Ukrainian exports and a currency that is constantly growing”, — said economist of the investment Department of the Food and agriculture organization of the United Nations Andrey Yarmak.

The representative of the Ukrainian fruit and vegetable Association semen Kramarenko notes that Poland sells apples not only in Ukraine, but also to those markets that our country’s hard won before, especially in the Middle East.

“If last year buyers from the UAE and Saudi Arabia has favored Apple from the Ukraine, but this year, given the very low supply of Ukrainian fruit, they buy more apples in Poland. Also on our traditional markets out growers of Moldova and Serbia, while our suppliers prefer to play roulette and Apple store, hoping for a price increase,” — said the expert of UPOA.

So, the wholesale price of apples “Idared” now Poland is an average of 0.26 dollars per kg, while in Ukraine they sell not less than 0.46 dollar. Ukrainian “Golden delishez” now stands on average at 0.51 dollar per kg, whereas the Polish Apple “Golden” dollar are 0.37. Also in recent weeks, the price of Polish apples decreased, and Ukrainian Apple continued to rise.