Ukraine: a former FSB head of the government of the occupied Kherson region

Ukraine: a former FSB head of the region's government occupied Kherson


A Russian official from the powerful security services (FSB) took over the government of the Ukrainian region of Kherson, occupied by Russian forces, on Tuesday. 

< p>Sergei Eliseyev, until then first deputy to the head of the government of the Russian region of Kaliningrad (North-West), “has become head of the government of the Kherson region”, Vladimir Saldo, who heads the administration, said Monday evening on Telegram. of Russian occupation.

His government takes office on Tuesday, he added.

A graduate of the FSB Academy, Mr Eliseyev, 51, served within this security service with unspecified functions, according to the website of the Kaliningrad region.

The former Ukrainian deputy who moved to Moscow, Alexei Kovalev, who survived an assassination attempt, was appointed deputy to Mr. Eliseyev for agricultural issues.

“Russia is here forever,” he said.

Since the capture of Kherson, Moscow has been pursuing a policy of Russification: the ruble was introduced, Russian passports issued, a first bank opened its doors there at the end of June, critical voices are repressed and economic activity is largely under the control of the occupation administration.

Russian President Vladimir Putin had asserted when launching his offensive against Ukraine that his country would not occupy it. 

Since then, the Kremlin has limited itself to saying that the inhabitants will choose their future, thus implying that they are in favor of a referendum to organize an annexation, as this had been the case in Crimea.

But at the same time, several attacks in recent weeks have targeted representatives loyal to the Kremlin in the occupied zones, such as the one which targeted Alexei Kovalev.

And the Ukrainian forces returned to the offensive in the Kherson region and regained ground. in to the Russians.