Ukraine asks IMF to provide emergency financial assistance due to coronavirus

Ukraine, in addition to actively continue negotiations with the International monetary Fund (IMF) on a new program eff EFF with the IMF conducts consultations about the possibility of receiving financing within the Fund of $50 billion mechanism emergency financial assistance for low-income and emerging economies suffering from the effect of the epidemic of the coronavirus.

Украина просит МВФ предоставить экстренную финансовую помощь из-за коронавируса

This was announced by the head of the NBU Yakov Smoliy on the meeting with bankers on March 18, the press service of the national Bank.

“The results of the negotiations will be in the coming weeks” — quoted in Thursday

Resin added that the Bank is in continuous cooperation with all government authorities and foreign colleagues, in particular, there is no direct contact with the European Central Bank.