Ukraine at the 56th place in the ranking of innovative economies in the world

Ukraine dropped three positions and took the 56th place in the Ranking of innovative economies in the world by Bloomberg.

Украина на 56-м месте в рейтинге инновационных экономик мира

This is evidenced by data for the year 2020, according to RBC-Ukraine.

Thus, Ukraine continues to lose positions in the ranking. In early 2018 it was on the 42nd place, and in early 2019 — ‘ 53.

In the Bloomberg ranking for the year 2020 in the first place came Germany, displacing South Korea, which led the rankings for six years. At the same time, the United States dropped one notch to No. 9. On the third place in the ranking went to Singapore.

Japan dropped to 12th place, down three positions lower than the same period last year. The second largest economy in the world, China has risen one place up to No. 15.

The annual innovation Index by Bloomberg in the past eight years analyzes dozens of criteria using seven indicators such as expenditure on research and development, production capacity and concentration of high-tech public companies.