Ukraine broke away from Turkey in the UEFA coefficients table

Украина оторвалась от Турции в таблице коэффициентов УЕФА

On the eve of the next European football week.

All three Ukrainian teams have played their matches in a draw, which allowed Ukraine to earn three points for the table of UEFA coefficients (for the victory is charged two points for a draw 1).

Thus, the total contribution of the Ukrainian clubs in the Treasury of the coefficients as follows:

  • “Shakhtar” – 8 points
  • Dynamo – 5.5 points
  • “Dawn” – 4 points (finished performance)
  • “Alexandria” – 3 points
  • “Mariupol” – 0.5 points (concluded)

That is 21 points or 4.2 points. This allows the season to take 14th place, and the results of the last five seasons to confidently hold 10th place.

The gap from Belgium increased from 3 to 3.2 points, from the Netherlands – on 0,25 points (lose of 1.05 points against 0.8 in previous times), but the separation from Turkey increased from 1.1 to 1.3 points.

We will remind, the tenth position in comparison with the ninth, lose certain privileges (second prize winner of the national championship starts in the Champions League on stage before). Not to mention eleventh place, which does not allow the Association to automatically delegate your club into the group stage of the Champions League.

Украина оторвалась от Турции в таблице коэффициентов УЕФА