Ukraine guarantees 'life and safety' to Russian soldiers who will surrender

Ukraine guarantees “life and safety” to Russian soldiers who will go


Ukraine guarantees 'life and safety' to surrendering Russian soldiers, Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov said on Friday, as Kyiv forces advance in the south and east. east of the country.  

“We guarantee life, safety and justice to all those who will give up fighting immediately,” the minister said in Russian in a video address to the Moscow army also promising a “tribunal for those who gave criminal orders”. 

“You can still save Russia from tragedy and the Russian army from humiliation” or “stay in the memory as thieves, rapists and murderers”, he added. 

By sending its army to invade Ukraine, the Kremlin “deceived and betrayed you”, further accused Mr. Reznikov . 

“Moscow doesn't like the truth. It's easier for them to pretend you died a hero fighting NATO troops. NATO countries supply us with weapons, it is true. But it is the Ukrainian soldiers who are fighting you with these weapons,” he said. 

“The Ukrainians don't need Russian land, ours is enough for us. And we are going to take them all back,” he insisted. 

Since September, the Ukrainian army has carried out a lightning counter-offensive on Russian-occupied territories retaking thousands of square kilometers in the east and south of the country.