Ukraine has announced the withdrawal of its military units from the Donbass (PHOTO)

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Vadim Pristayko said Tuesday, October 29, in the town of Golden Lugansk region began the process of withdrawal from the Donbass Ukrainian armed forces and means in accordance with the understanding reached earlier in the Contact group on settling the situation in the East of the country.

“Breeding in Gold happening right now, we are starting from today, stated Pristayko before the Investment forum in Mariupol. We stayed because it not just abduction, and it had to be prepared and monitored by the OSCE”.

As explained by the Minister, at the time of breeding the staff of the Special monitoring mission of OSCE in Ukraine “was to expose more of the outfits, to install surveillance cameras to see the process,” reports TASS. He also informed that the Ukrainian side informed “troops and heavy weapons have been sent to dozens of kilometers.” Now, according to the Minister, is “disengagement, directly used on the line (the contact). “It’s just starting,” said Pristayko.

“Gold in the recent attacks was on October 17, that is more than 10 days ago. That’s seven days, we survived, handed over OSCE SMM that we are ready, given a day to prepare and begin cultivation. Petrovskoye will continue”, – quotes the Minister news Agency.

In the Petrovsky withdrawal of troops can begin as early as the next week.

According to Pristayko, before the meeting in Normandy format will be breeding at all sites that were agreed upon.

The theme of breeding strength in Gold and Petrovsky remains a major topic on the agenda of the Contact group, which started its work today in Minsk. As writes RIA “Novosti”, the work was started all four sub-working groups of the contact group on conflict settlement in the Donbass, humanitarian, political Affairs, security and conflict settlement in the Donbass.

The framework decision on the dilution of forces and means in the Donbass was signed by representatives of Ukraine, LNR, DND, Russia and the OSCE in September 2016. The document envisaged the creation of security zones in three pilot areas – Golden, Petrovsky and Luhansk. Initially was able to separate troops in the first two paragraphs. But then the military again, to come back. The next attempt began only this summer, after coming to power, the new President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky.

October 1, at the next meeting of the Contact group the parties agreed on the withdrawal of troops in the Golden and Petrovsky. It was supposed to start on 7 October, however, arrived to the Ukrainian volunteer battalions said that will not withdraw, because I think it’s surrender.

Last weekend in Golden went to the President Zelensky. His communication with volunteers ended in a quarrel. Later, all are in Gold volunteers with guns were called illegal immigrants.