Ukraine has appointed the audit of the state concern ‘Ukroboronprom’, and his staff will check on the polygraph (PHOTO)


На Украине назначили аудит госконцерна 'Укроборонпром', а его сотрудников проверят на полиграфе (ФОТО)

The Ukraine is preparing an audit of the state concern “Ukroboronprom”, which should identify the economic problems. In addition, the planned verification of employees of a polygraph to identify “surrogates Pro-Russian forces that are artificially destroyed the defense enterprises of the country.” About it as transfers TASS, said Deputy Secretary of Council of national security and defense Council (NSDC) Sergey Krivonos. He believes that the audit “in certain areas” will be completed till the end of the year, and by the spring of 2020 it will be fully implemented.

The Cabinet of Ministers ukriana has allocated $ 1.2 million to conduct financial audit of state concern.

“My main goal is really to conduct the audit, which will identify all the economic problems, and a polygraph, as long as he can detect in the management of companies “Ukroboronprom” those people who were artificially raised by the Pro-Russian forces and dumped our enterprises into the abyss, from which it is very hard to get out,” said Krivonos in comments to the Agency “UKRINFORM”.

The conviction of Sergey Krivonos, in many cases, defense companies artificially destroyed by different people, “so they were not competitive, did not have state orders to these factories did not give the products”, which requires state and Armed forces.

Krivonos said that the problems that have surfaced recently in connection with scandals in “Ukroboronprom” originated much earlier, but they were silent. In addition, he added, not taken any decisions. But now, he said, “personnel issues in relation to the management of individual enterprises of the concern have already been addressed”.

Deputy Secretary of the national security Council also criticized the previous government of Ukraine that “it did everything that the audit is not to hold”.

“Ukroboronprom” uniting the enterprises of defense-industrial complex of Ukraine, in February, was at the center of a corruption scandal that, in particular, has cost the country’s President, Petro Poroshenko significant drop in rating before the next elections of the President.