Ukraine has increased gas imports by a quarter

Украина увеличила импорт газа на четверть

Ukraine plans to record stock up on gas

Gas supplies to Ukraine this year, almost half exceed imports in the last four years.

For the first half of 2020, Ukraine imported from the EU 7 billion cubic meters of gas by 24% higher than a year earlier,subsetability of Ukraine’s GTS.

The volume of gas imports this year by 40% exceeds the average of the previous four years.

So, in June imported 1.8 billion cubic meters of gas — 36% (482 million cubic meters) more than in may.

From Slovakia for six months, delivered 3.9 billion cubic meters. m (+16%), from Hungary, 2.2 bn cu m (+39%), Poland – 0.9 billion cubic meters. m (+34%). These import volumes vklyuchayuschiy the reverse, which first became available early this year: from Hungary – 1.2 billion cubic meters, and from Poland – 0.5 billion cubic meters.

The Operator GTS recalled that Ukraine imports gas from Russia from November 2015.

The transit of gas through Ukraine in the first half fell 45%.