Ukraine has offered the best alternative to the customers of Gazprom

General Director of “Operator GTS of Ukraine” Sergey Makogon said that the Ukrainian energy exchange “Ukrainian energy exchange” prices for gas have fallen to 4 thousand UAH for 1 thousand cubic meters (including VAT).

Украина предложила выгодную альтернативу клиентам Газпрома

As the Wave passes, this Makogon wrote on his Facebook page.

According to him, reduction in price of gas became possible thanks to reduction of prices on European hubs, resulting in recent trades on the WEB ended with a price of less than 4 thousand cubic meters (including VAT).

If you compare the price almost 30% below that which was approved in January, “Naftogaz” for the population 5 580 UAH per thousand cubic meters (excluding transmission and distribution).

As according to ubr, the fall in prices has led to the fact that customers of Gazprom in Europe that Russian gas continue to buy, is now more profitable to buy gas from Ukraine, whose price is tied to the price at European hubs.

Makogon also gives the example of Moldova, which is now ha buys from Gazprom for 174 dollars. “If you buy gas from the EU with the supply through Ukraine, the price at the entrance to Moldova will be about 146 dollars. Savings – about $ 28 (-16%). Don’t know/want Moldova to begin deliveries from the EU, but the arguments for the negotiations is clearly there. The availability of alternative sources of supply significantly strengthens the negotiation position and allows to achieve fair prices“, — he wrote.