Ukraine has proposed to introduce a salary in Polish

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky said about what wages he wants to achieve for the Ukrainians.

В Украине предложили ввести зарплаты на уровне польских

Garant said that he plans to do everything possible to Ukrainian economy develop and as a result, the level of wages has reached the level of our Western neighbors – Poland.

The President expressed confidence that even if wages grow at least 70% of the Polish, it will be able to get most of the Ukrainians who go to work in Europe.

Thus the President plans not only to reunite families and to encourage Ukrainians to work in their country, but also to begin to deal with leaks of workers and youth who just doesn’t want to stay in Ukraine.

So, if you take the average salary in Poland, it is a space for Ukraine hryvnia 30900. It is at least three times more than the average wage in Ukraine, which was recently announced in the state statistics. As you know the average salary in Ukraine is approximately equal to 10,000 hryvnia. In percentage terms, the Ukrainians are slightly more than 30% of the average wage in Poland.

At the same time in December 2019 average wages in Ukraine rose slightly and amounted to 12 264 UAH. This figure of course indicates the growth of average wages in Ukraine, but despite this still lags far behind the average wage in Poland.

If we translate the words of the President in terms of money, in order to come close to the level of 70% of the average wage in Poland, Ukrainian wages must be at least 21 600 hryvnia per month, which at the moment seems hard to implement.

As you know, if you take wages by industry, in Poland most of all earn the staff of the information and television sector, and after them are the financiers and insurance company representatives. At the same time, in Ukraine the situation is completely opposite. The biggest income in the country from representatives of the insurance and financial sector, and then there are all the other professions, write “Accents”.