Ukraine has proposed to tighten control over the tobacco market

In Ukraine it is necessary to tighten control over the tobacco market, which will allow the state to obtain taxes in full.

About it reports the edition “New time”.

Украине предложили ужесточить контроль над табачным рынком

According to experts, the important is the strengthening of the criteria for participants of the tobacco market, dealing with the implementation and logistics of tobacco products. This will bring their work to their shadows and can achieve fair taxes.

“The state tighter control over the tobacco market through the tax office together with Nicolicea to fight the illegal market,” said economist Aleksey Buryachenko.

A good option for Ukraine would be the introduction of track&trace allows you to track the path of each bundle from the manufacturer to the distributor

“This system has shown its effectiveness in neighboring countries. In addition, you need to check the supply of goods, which are produced for the Duty Free,” — said the Manager of the Committee on the import and trade in alcoholic beverages, the European business Association Kristina Linichenko.

As the expert noted, such problematic issues in many countries of Europe have been solved by the introduction of nondistributive.