Ukraine has received € 1.25 billion of Eurobonds

The state Treasury service of Ukraine on 27 January 2020 received the funds from external sovereign bonds(Eurobonds) in the amount of 1.25 billion euros with a yield 4,375% and maturing in 2030. About it reports a press-service of the Ministry of Finance.

Украина получила 1,25 млрд евро от еврооблигаций

According to the press service, 10-year Eurobonds were mostly placed among funds, asset managers (85%), hedge funds (7%) and pension and insurance funds (6%), while the share of banks amounted to 2%. Eurobonds are listed on the Dublin stock exchange Euronext.

Investors from the United Kingdom, the United States and European Union countries bought the majority of issue at the initial offering, their share was 42%, 34% and 19%, respectively. Investors from Asia and the Middle East purchased 5% of the issue.

“The funds from the placement of new Eurobonds were listed on account of the State Treasury service of Ukraine and will be used to Finance the state budget”, — noted in press service.