Ukraine has spent almost 1 billion UAH to fight the coronavirus – Smigel

According to the Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Smagala, most purchased medical equipment such as ventilators, pulse oximeters, patient monitors. He spent 190,15 million.

Украина потратила почти 1 млрд грн на борьбу с коронавирусом – Шмыгаль

The bodies of state power of Ukraine through ProZorro acquired needed to combat COVID-19 goods worth $ 954 million. About it on April 7 was announced by Prime Minister Denis Shmyhal in Facebook.

Most bought:

medical equipment (e.g. medical ventilators, pulse oximeters, patient monitors, etc.) – 190,15 million;
medical supplies (especially gloves, face masks, respirators, isolation suits, etc.) – 147,12 million;
equipment for anaesthesia and intensive care (particularly oxygen concentrators) – 116,04 million.
“This is a significant sum, but it is clearly not enough to fully realize the steps of the government and the President to combat coronavirus threat. The Parliament should support the budget emergency, so we could start a Fund to fight COVID-19 and its implications in the amount of 97,7 billion UAH”, – he added.