Ukraine has updated the historical record exports

By the end of 2019 Ukraine has updated a historical record of export of agricultural products put on foreign markets of this commodity at $22.4 billion, almost 20% more than the year before.

Украина обновила исторический рекорд экспорта

UBR it is reported, citing data from the National scientific center “Institute of agrarian economy”. In the past year, agricultural products made up 44.6% of the total exports from Ukraine, while maintaining leadership in its commodity structure.

85% of all Ukrainian agricultural exports were cereals, various oils, oilseeds, residues and wastes, and meat products. Experts note that the characteristic feature of last year for the Ukrainian economy was a series of records in terms of deliveries of agricultural products to foreign markets. In particular, the largest recorded in the history of Ukraine volumes of exports of these two products:

grains (56.7 million tons);
sunflower oil (6.1 million tons).

Among other items not related to the most important in the list of foreign supplies, Ukraine exported the record volumes of such goods:

eggs, bird, in shell and without (144 thousand tonnes);
starch (83 thousand tons);
walnuts (68 thousand tons);
canned tomatoes (59 thousand tons);
not concentrated milk and cream without sugar (25 thousand tons).

“Decisive for the total growth of export of agricultural products last year was the increase in volumes in all three key regions – Asia, European Union and Africa”, – stated in the message.

Last year Asia bought a record number of Ukrainian agricultural products in the amount of $9.4 billion, which is 17% higher than a year earlier. The share of Asian countries reached last year 42.2% of the total Ukrainian agricultural exports.

The highest since independence of Ukraine the level reached last year, exports of agricultural products to EU countries – amounting to $7.5 billion, 19% more than in 2018. The share of EU countries in exports of Ukrainian agricultural products last year amounted to 33.5%.

The volume of Ukrainian agrarki exported to Africa in 2019 increased vs 2018 43% to $3.3 billion, its Share in total exports of Ukrainian agricultural products amounted last year to about 15%.

While the supply of Ukrainian products to CIS countries remained at the level 2018 – $1.5 billion, and the region’s share is 6.5%.

The main consumers of Ukrainian agricultural products in 2019 were the following countries:

China bought agricultural products on the $1.95 billion;
Egypt ($1.67 billion);
India ($1.55 billion);
Turkey ($1.54 billion);
The Netherlands ($1.47 billion).