Ukraine in the European championship against 13 medals took the second place on number of awards

Украина на чемпионате Европы по борьбе с 13-ю медалями заняла второе место по количеству наград

In the capital of Italy, the championship of Europe in wrestling.

Ukrainian team won 13 medals – 2 gold, 3 silver and 8 bronze. The total number of awards Ukrainians shared 2-3 place with the team of Azerbaijan, losing only to the Russians, whose 22 awards.

Counting in the Olympic team of Ukraine took fourth place in the medal standings because it only won 2 gold medals (out of 30 possible). Bulgaria and Belarus, three gold awards, Russia – 9.

With regard to individual species, the female wrestling Ukraine scored 155 points and took second team place. The Greco-Roman style was sixth with 81 points, and freestyle only eighth (64). In all three categories won by the Russians.

Note that on the European championship 2019 in Bucharest Ukraine won 10 medals, but 5 of them were gold.

The medal standings of the European championship:

  1. Russia (9+6+7)
  2. Bulgaria (3+2+1)
  3. Belarus (3+1+4)
  4. UKRAINE (2+3+8)
  5. Azerbaijan (2+2+9)
  6. Armenia (2+0+3)
  7. Norway (2+0+1)
  8. Turkey (1+3+5)
  9. Georgia (1+3+4)
  10. Italy (1+2+1)