Ukraine: new evacuations announced in Kherson by the pro-Russian authorities

Ukraine: new evacuations announced in Kherson by pro-Russian authorities


Russian occupation authorities in Kherson, southern Ukraine, announced on Tuesday that they have begun moving thousands more people to the area where Kyiv forces are on the offensive.  

“We will resettle and transfer up to 70,000 people” who are currently in a strip 15 kilometers deep to the east on the left bank of the Dnipro River, said declared the governor installed by Moscow in Kherson, Vladimir Saldo, in the Russian radio program Solovyov Live.

Last week, the Russian occupation forces had already announced that 70,000 civilians had left their homes located to the west on the right bank of the river and closer to the front line.

Mr. Saldo claimed that the new evacuations had been decided in the face of the risk of a “possible missile attack” on a dam located on the river, the destruction of which would lead to the “flooding of the left bank”.

“We have already started” these new evacuations and the displaced people will be transported “deeper” to Kherson or “to other regions of Russia”, Mr. Saldo said, without providing further details.

< p>Monday evening, Mr. Saldo had affirmed that the evacuation of this 15 kilometer deep strip would also allow the Russian army to set up a “defense in depth to repel the Ukrainian attack”, thus seeming to envisage the possibility of Kyiv forces crossing the Dnipro.

The Kherson region is partially controlled by Russia, which last month annexed the portion it captured, along with three other areas of Ukraine under its control.

The Kyiv forces have been leading an offensive for several weeks to retake the Kherson region, advancing from west to east.

This is due to the territorial gains made by Ukrainian soldiers that the Russian occupation authorities had requested in mid-October re the inhabitants of the right bank to leave their homes to cross the river.