Ukraine plans to digitize the forest area to monitor their condition

В Украине планируют оцифровать лесные площади для мониторинга их состояния

In Ukraine it is planned digitization of the forest area to monitor their condition and effective management, which is especially important in the context of climate change, since forest plantations are performing soil conservation functions.

This was discussed during a organized by Food and agriculture organization of the UN (FAO) online briefing on rehabilitation and reconstruction field of forest plantations in Ukraine. The event was held on the occasion of world day to combat desertification and drought.

“In Ukraine it is planned digitization of the forest area to monitor their condition. Since the end of last year been entered in the State land cadastre of forests, natural and reserve Fund. And discussed with the world Bank, with the participation of Gosgeokadastr to work with satellite data, which would allow to understand where we are on the reserve land remained unplowed land, where we have forest land areas, that is, to define them using satellite data,” — said acting Minister of energy and the environmental protection of Ukraine Irina Stavchuk.

She noted that in recent years both in Ukraine and in the world there is an increase of heat waves, reduction and redistribution of natural resources.

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“Unfortunately, even if we stop all emissions of greenhouse gases these trends will continue. Therefore, for the state today it is important to introduce mechanisms and changes that would help to adapt to the negative consequences,” — said Savchuk.

At the same time, according to her, the reform of land resources, which took place in Ukraine in 90 years, forest plantations have become “neutral”.

“70% of the forest was without an owner, and was essentially degraded. Currently part of them or none at all, or they are in a very bad condition,” — noted Stavchuk.

Today, according to acting Minister, on issues of forest inventory there is no reliable information in this area.

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At the same time, this year came into force a law that said I could use shelterbelts for rent.

“Therefore, at the initiative of the Ministry of economy was drafted rules for the management of forest strips. But there remain a number of issues,” said Savchuk.

In addition to digitizing the forest area, it is also planned to decide on the economic aspects of their lease.

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“How interesting to farmers, other forms of control belts? We expect the results of the pilot projects in order to determine what additional needs and regulatory and economic mechanisms for the development and management of forest belts in Ukraine. After studying the pilot projects should determine whether there is enough of the existing regulatory framework to effectively control forest strips. And where there are certain barriers for effective management”, — said the acting Minister.

17 June as the international community marks world day to combat desertification and drought. On this day in 1994 in the city of Paris adopted the UN Convention on combating desertification (UNCCD).

According to the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 425 of 27 may 2020, in Ukraine created a Ministry of environmental protection and natural resources and Ministry of energy and the environmental protection of Ukraine renamed the Ministry of energy.