Ukraine: power outages in Kyiv and other regions after Russian strikes

Ukraine: power outages in Kyïv and other areas after s the Russian strikes


Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, and several other regions of the country experienced power and running water outages on Tuesday, after Russian strikes targeted critical infrastructure in the morning for the second day consecutive, local authorities said. 

The operator DTEK reported “breaks” in the supply of electricity and water for the inhabitants of the left bank of the capital. “Engineers are making every effort to restore supply,” he posted on Facebook.

In Dnipro, central Ukraine, Governor Valentin Reznichenko announced that two Russian missiles had hit “energy infrastructure” causing “a fire and serious destruction”.

“Several districts of Dnipro (…) are without electricity”, he indicated on Telegram.

In the same region, in Pavlograd, Russian shelling caused a “temporary stoppage of the water supply” and the shutdown of a local pumping station, the city council announced on Telegram.

Strikes on critical infrastructure were also reported in Zhytomyr, in the north, where “the city is deprived of electricity and water”. “Hospitals are running on emergency power,” Mayor Sergiy Sukhomlin announced on Facebook.

In his region, eleven localities are also deprived of electricity, added Governor Vitali Bounechko.

In Kharkiv, the second largest city in the country, Mayor Igor Terekhov reported on Telegram the bombardment of “the one of the city's industrial enterprises.”

In Mykolaiv, the strikes hit a residential building killing at least one person, as well as a flower market in the same area. Electricity was restored there in the morning.

According to the Ukrainian army, Russia has struck more than 35 localities in the past 24 hours, using cruise missiles, anti-aircraft missiles and aviation, as well as Iranian-made Shahed drones.

Russia had already carried out massive strikes targeting the electricity and water infrastructure of Ukrainian cities on Monday, as well as the previous Monday.< /p>

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who calls on Westerners to provide his country with anti-aircraft defense systems, denounced on Tuesday a desire to “terrorize and kill civilians” on the part of Russian forces.< /p>