Ukraine – Serbia — 1:0: online broadcast of the quarterfinals of the championship in volleyball

Украина – Сербия — 1:0: онлайн-трансляция четвертьфинала ЧЕ по волейболу

On Tuesday, September 24, the Ukrainian men’s team in volleyball for the first time in the history of plays in the quarterfinals of the European championship. In Antwerp, where the “yellow-blue” a few days ago, beat some of the owners of the European superiority of the Belgians, the team of Ugis Krastins of confront Olympic Champions Sydney 2000 and two-time European champion — Serbia.


– Serbia is close to the Ukraine at a distance to one point — 18:17

Two consecutive successful feed Viatskogo (by the way, the Vice-champion of Europe among national teams U20 2016 along with Carpentry and Poluyan) — and Ukraine are ahead of 17:14.

– Compare the expense of the Serbs — 14:14

Ukrainians keep the opponent on distance of two points is 13:11

– Some errors of our boys allowed the Serbs to come closer — 10:9.

– Flow through from Ereshchenko, already 13th in the current championship for the volleyball player, the Serbs slightly bewildered look.

– Keep our guys rival at the distance of three points with 8:5 now.

And again Ukraine is ahead 6:3.


— 25:21 — first set winner is Ukraine! Recall, the Serbs had lost only one set in six previous matches.

– 24:21 — set three-ball at our guys.

– 23:21 in favor of Ukraine!

And the “yellow-blue” has already pulled ahead at 21:20!

– 20:18 — the Serbs pulled ahead. Ugis Krastins takes a timeout.

– 18:18 — the end of set closer.

– Serbia takes the second place in the European ranking, Ukraine — 19-E. But while that is not true of the large difference in the teams.

– But Serbia compares — 16:16.

For the first time in a long time Ukraine is ahead by two points with 16:14.

Very equal party, benefits no one, neither the other team.

– Ukraine are coming forward at one point, but then the Serbs compare the expense. At the moment 11:11

– As long as the teams are equal — 7:7

– Flow through from Carpenter, and Ukraine is already ahead 5:4. By the way, Carpenter — the main star of our team. It really known in Europe (the last two season played in the Italian “Milan”) and in the summer moved to the “Perugia”, where they will play with one of the best players in the world of Wilfredo Leon and speak under the guidance of coach the national team of Poland at the current Euro Soared of Heinen.

– Ukraine compares to 4:4

– The Serbs pulled ahead by two points with 4:2

– First point of our team brings Ereshchenko.

The first takes the national team of Ukraine. Unfortunately, in the net…


– The national anthems countries. All ready to start the match.

– Serbia is that all their matches on the championship win. I hope that today, their series will end…

– Good evening, dear fans of volleyball! Today is a historic day for the Ukrainian team — the “yellow-blue” for the first time in its history, playing in the quarterfinals of the European championship. The opponents were very strong — the Olympic champion of Sydney-2000 and two-time European champion Serbia.

Ukrainians already in the arena

Team Ukraine has arrived in the arena in Antwerp, and Oleg Carpenter and the pre-match interview gave.

Украина – Сербия — 1:0: онлайн-трансляция четвертьфинала ЧЕ по волейболу

Украина – Сербия — 1:0: онлайн-трансляция четвертьфинала ЧЕ по волейболу

Words before the match

The Ugis Krastins, head coach of Ukraine: “the Serbs Have a very strong volleyball school. Their team plays very well in defense. Of course, we aim for a good game and positive result. No other thoughts can not be”.

The Ukrainian team has already qualified for the next TH

Having made it to the quarterfinals of the European championship, the national team guaranteed to itself participation in the following European championship, which will take place in 2021 in the Czech Republic, Estonia and Finland.

For the first time in history

Before that we played three times at the European Championships (last time in 2005), but never reached the playoffs, which would allow to fight for victory in the tournament. The highest place for the “yellow-blue” on superiority of the Old world — a sixth in 1993, when the consolation playoffs our guys lost in the duel for the fifth place team of Bulgaria (2:3).

The path to the quarterfinals

“Yellow-blue” in the group stage, winning three games (against Czech Republic — 3:1, Montenegro — 3:1 Estonia — 3:0), and also suffered two defeats from favorites (with the Netherlands — 0:3 and Poland — 0:3). In 1/8 finals the team of the Ugis Krastins in a tense duel beat Belgium 3:2, becoming the authors of one of the biggest upsets in the tournament.

As for the Serbs, they will go to the European championship without losses. The group won all five matches (Germany — 3:0, Slovakia — 3:0, Spain — 3:1, Belgium — 3:0 Austria 3:0), and in the first stage of the playoffs was easily defeated Czech Republic 3:0. Note that at the tournament, while Serbia lost only one set in the match against Spain.

The victory was celebrated by a dinner in the restaurant

Having a day off after a sensational victory over Belgium in 1/8 finals, the volleyball national team of Ukraine in full force visited one of the restaurants in Antwerp, sharing photos on social networks.

Украина – Сербия — 1:0: онлайн-трансляция четвертьфинала ЧЕ по волейболу


49-year-old Latvian Ugis krastiņš has been working in Ukraine since 2016, combining the position of head coach in the national team and the Lviv club “the Bark-Kazani” (the Ukrainian Champions of the last two seasons). .

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